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Behind the doors of RS Thomas Real Estate: interview with Joan Rafael Socias Tomas, partner and founder.
Apr 26, 2023

Behind the doors of RS Thomas Real Estate: interview with Joan Rafael Socias Tomas, partner and founder.

Dedicating himself to the real estate sector for more than 30 years and having been part of various internationally prestigious brands, Mr. Joan Rafael Socias Tomas has become an entrepreneur and a benchmark of great presence in the sector. In this last stage, it has entered into a new real estate project that, as Dona Secret describes, "is the new commitment that it leads in such an important sector for Andorra".

That is why, in this blog entry, we want to bring you a compilation of the interview that the partner and founder of RS Thomas Real Estate, Mr. Socias, conducted a few months ago for Dona Secret magazine.

Is it really a new real estate experience?

Rather, we are talking about a new project based on more than 30 years of experience, combining a human team with extensive experience together with all the technological contribution that we have today.

What is the purpose of this new project?

The objective is to increase the quality of our work in the upper-middle-range real estate sector, without forgetting people who are looking for their first home.

Could you then elaborate on what RS THOMAS has to offer?

We make available to our clients, both buyers and sellers, the most complete real estate marketing department, capable of carrying out market studies to improve the positioning of properties on the Internet, social networks and international real estate development portals. We also have financial analysts specialized in supporting all the necessary procedures to complete the sale of a home. To guarantee the total satisfaction of our clients, the after-sales department is dedicated to perfecting the delivery of each property down to the last detail. This is the only way we achieve the desired excellence and that is the result, as I mentioned, of experience.

Why at that time?

The real estate world has become complex and diverse. For this reason, it is essential to have professionals specialized in different areas, capable of satisfying the demands of an increasingly demanding and changing market.

With all the experience you have accumulated in the real estate market, does RS THOMAS represent an upper step?

Absolutely. This is the definitive step to promote a customer-focused real estate concept, which has been shaping up for years and which the time has finally come to carry out. I am preparing to do it with the same passion that I put into my first steps in the sector, although with much more experience and professional maturity. This project has an exceptional team and extensive knowledge of the sector. It is a very personal project oriented both to the search for excellence and to the creation of homes for our clients.

How would you describe the moment in which the real estate sector is going through today?

We are in a very exciting moment in which, personally, I recommend having good advice.

How important is your team in the whole project?

The people who accompany me on this new journey have been rigorously selected to offer the most complete and satisfactory service to both property buyers and sellers. Our professionals are the fundamental basis of this new project that combines experience and innovation.