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Residence in Andorra. Would you like to live in Andorra?

Residence in Andorra. Would you like to live in Andorra?

Andorra has become in recent years a highly sought after destination for multiple citizens to establish their residence. 

The Principality of Andorra offers many attractions for its inhabitants: low crime rate, magnificent natural environment, four different educational systems (public and private), high quality of life, world-class healthcare system, very competitive taxation, whether you are a natural person or a company, a wide range of leisure activities throughout the year. Privileged location, located 2 hours and a half by car, from urban centers such as Barcelona or Toulouse.

What type of Residence interests me to live in Andorra?

Active residence on your own: If you are interested in establishing your residence in Andorra and creating a company, this is the option that interests you the most. You must have a minimum participation of 34% of the company, with this acquisition you have the right to request active residence to be able to work in your company. 

Active residence for someone else: This type of residence is applicable to any person not residing in the country, who has a job offer in The Principality of Andorra. In this case, it is the contracting company that must request the permit. There are different types of quotas depending on the sector and job position that you want to cover. The person hired must provide the necessary information for the company, provide the apostilled titles, criminal record certificate and pass a medical examination. 

In the event that your intention is to come to Andorra to invest or you are a scientist or professional athlete, the residence that interests you is what we call passive.

Passive residence:
The passive residence is idyllic for those people who want to live in Andorra without developing an economic activity in the country. It is highly demanded by investors thanks to the tax advantages offered by the Principality of Andorra. 
It should also be noted that we find other types of profiles that are interested in this residency such as: retirees, elite athletes, scientists with international projection and artists..
In case you want to invest in Andorra to obtain passive residence, you must take into account:
Invest in a property in the Principality of Andorra with a minimum price of €600,000 or pay it in an Andorran bank. 
Establish a deposit in the AFA (Andorran Financial Authority) of more than €47,500 (+€9,500 per dependent).
Have a rental or purchase contract for a property in Andorra.
Take a medical exam in Andorra.
Criminal certificate.
Private medical insurance.
Minimum stay of 90 days a year in Andorra.

Advantages of taxation in The Principality of Andorra:

0-10% Personal Income Tax
2-10% Corporate Tax
0% Wealth Tax
0% Gift and Inheritance Tax

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