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Thinking of cooling off? The lakes of Andorra await you
Aug 22, 2023

Thinking of cooling off? The lakes of Andorra await you

There are several rivers, waterfalls, lakes and lagoons in Andorra with a natural beauty and a mountainous environment that make each of these places special for visitors and nature lovers. I provide you with a list of the main lakes and lagoons to cool off and take your best summer photo.


Llac d'Engolasters (at an altitude of about 1,620 m): Located near Escaldes-Engordany, it is one of the largest lakes in Andorra and is accessible by car, making it ideal to go with the little ones and cool off with the family.


Estanys de Tristaina (2,291 m - 2,482 m): They are located in the Ordino Valley. They consist of several glacial lakes that were formed over the years due to the action of glaciers in the region.

  • Estany Primer: It is the first lake in the complex and has crystalline waters surrounded by vegetation and mountains. It is a common starting point for the hiking trail that connects the lakes.
  • Estany del Mig: Literally means "Middle Lake" in Catalan. It is located on the path between the Estany Primer and the Estany de Més Amun.
  • Estany de Més Amunt: This is the highest lake in the group of Estanys de Tristaina and offers impressive panoramic views of the surroundings.

Estany de Juclar (2,299 m): It is the largest lake in Andorra with a surface area of 21.9 hectares. The route starts from the Incles Valley, leaving from the parking lot next to the La Oveja Negra Restaurant, leaving this high mountain valley behind along a wide path with animals grazing freely next to the Incles river.

Estany de l'Estanyó (2,915 m): This route takes place entirely within the limits of the Sorteny Valley Natural Park, the largest protected natural area in Andorra, which is especially characterized by the great variety of plant species that are found in it.

Estany de les Abelletes (2,258.6 m): L'Estany de Font Negra or Estany de les Abelletes is the headwaters of the Pas de la Casa river basin, which is a tributary of the Garonne. This river is, at the same time, a natural border that delimits the Andorran territory with France, which is why it has a French part and an Andorran part. The Abelletes lake is very popular with fishermen, where they go to fish for trout (legal fishing indicated on the shore of the lake).

Estany de Ransol (2440 m): The Estanys de Ransol are a group of small lakes located in the Ransol valley, in the parish of Canillo, Andorra. These lakes are the result of melting snow from the Serrera peak. They form part of the high Pyrenean route and are accessible from Coma de Ransol.


Estanyó de les Truites (2,250 m): This pond is located in the domains of the Comapedrosa Natural Park, in Andorra. Next to it is the Coma Pedrosa refuge or Estany de les Truites refuge. We can go up from Arinsal.

Estany de Siscaró (2325 m): The route starts between El Tarter and Soldeu. The 3 lakes, the Canals Roges lake being actually the upper lake of the Siscaro lakes. The "Estanys del Siscaró" owe their name to the "Siscall", which is a plant that resembles a reed and grows in the waters of these lakes and surroundings, adding a touch of exoticism to the landscape.

Estanys de Pessons Circular Route (2,103 m - 2,605 m): At the easternmost tip of the Parròquia d'Encamp we have the option of taking an excursion with a gradual and circular route adaptable to all audiences starting from the ski station. 'Grau Roig (Grandvalira). Depending on how we want to walk more or less, we can go and return along the same path or, for the most avid walkers, take a nice circular route up the Pessons lakes and down the Solana lakes.

With these temperatures, being able to access these areas of crystal clear and cool waters on foot is truly an experience that must be done at least once in a lifetime. But who makes one, repeats. So to experience the summer in Andorra, it is worth at least one climb to one of these bucolic lakes in the Principality. 

As advice, we want to remember that, as in many mountain destinations, weather conditions can change quickly, so it is advisable to be prepared for variations in weather while visiting the lake. Let yourself be surprised by the nature of Andorra.

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