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Why invest in real estate in Escaldes-Engordany?
Feb 28, 2024

Why invest in real estate in Escaldes-Engordany?

First of all, it is necessary to know that the low tax burden and the economic openness that the country has experienced in recent years make it a prime destination for both investment and residence.

Firstly, the tax burden in Andorra is considerably lower than the European average, which is attractive for companies and individuals. In addition, the agreements established with several countries to avoid double taxation simplify tax processes and benefit companies by eliminating duplication of taxes.

Escaldes-Engordany, the second most inhabited parish in Andorra, offers those who choose it as their home a prosperous and contemporary environment. Known for its hot springs. Located in an extensive valley, Escaldes-Engordany offers the possibility of combining a modern or quiet life in which in five minutes you can be in the center and go shopping or, on the other hand, go to the mountains and disconnect from the city and Enjoy the tranquility that nature provides.

The most exclusive places to live in Andorra are found in the northernmost areas, behind Caldea or towards Lake Engolasters. Here, the mountainside rises, offering very sunny properties with stunning views. Exclusivity is combined with a privileged natural environment, providing an unparalleled living experience.

In addition to the favorable tax aspects and the natural environment, there are several other reasons to invest in Escaldes-Engordany:

• Economic stability: Andorra has a stable and solid economy, which gives confidence to investors. The low tax burden and economic openness contribute to maintaining this stability.

• Legal security: The country has a transparent and stable legal system, which provides legal security to investors and residents.

• Quality of life: Escaldes-Engordany offers an excellent quality of life, with a clean environment, fresh air and a welcoming community. In addition, it has high quality services in areas such as education, health and recreation.

• Modern infrastructure: The infrastructure in Escaldes-Engordany is modern and well-developed, making daily life easier and providing convenience to residents and investors.

• Tourism: The presence of tourist attractions such as the Caldea hot springs attracts visitors throughout the year, which can provide business opportunities in sectors such as tourism, hospitality and commerce.

• Access to financial services: Andorra is known for its solid and reliable banking system, which can be beneficial for investors and companies requiring high-quality financial services.

• Growth potential: Escaldes-Engordany is experiencing steady growth, which can translate into long-term investment opportunities and increased property values.

In summary, investing in Escaldes-Engordany offers a unique combination of tax benefits, quality of life, economic stability and growth potential, making it an attractive destination for investors and residents alike.