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Residence for digital nomads in Andorra
Aug 11, 2023

Residence for digital nomads in Andorra

We already spoke to you in a previous article about the advantages of being a digital nomad and specifically why choose Andorra for this way of living and working. Months later, the new type of residence for digital nomads formalized in a new law on digital economy, entrepreneurship and innovation came into force, which came into force in December of the same year (December 2022) by the Government of the Principality of Andorra.

The objective of this new digital law is to promote new business models linked to the digital economy, encourage entrepreneurship, make the competitive advantages of the Andorran economy more attractive, and, at the same time, give legal coverage to new innovation models and digital transformation. In this way, the creation of companies is encouraged by supporting innovation.

With this objective, a regulation of aspects such as the creation of special economic zones with incentives within the national territory is proposed, as well as the generation of test spaces or (*) sandbox to facilitate the country's conversion -with a specific legal framework- a safe space in which products, services, business models or projects related to the digital economy can be tested. In this controlled environment, through the establishment of test protocols, among other things, the opportunities and risks that these initiatives present are analyzed.

In this sense, this law also promotes the creation of open innovation laboratories to experiment and evaluate innovative ideas, products, services, projects and business models within an environment that promotes a model consisting of cooperation between the Public Administration, the centers research, companies and citizens, in order to, among other things, promote the exchange of experiences and knowledge.

In addition, the text determines the legal regime applicable to the allotments with complementary common spaces or coliving and rentingshared cowprkings. Its main purpose is to regulate the new residential forms and work spaces originating from the development of the Andorran economy.

In parallel, the law contemplates measures to favor financing and investment in business initiatives linked to the digital economy, entrepreneurship and innovation. Thus, it is regulated the participatory financing services in companies (micro-mecenatge) according to European regulations or the creation of start-up mercantile companies and severe fiscal and financial measures.

Issues such as the exchange of documents and data of the Principality of Andorra or aspects related to the world of work are also regulated. Going into detail, the regime of the remote work or teleworking contract is clarified, establishing, for example, the right to digital disconnection of employees outside working hours or that this type of work cannot imply the assumption by the worker of expenses related to the equipment, tools and other means related to the development of his work activity.

Finally, through the modification of the Qualified Immigration Law, new modalities of residence in the Principality of Andorra are established for foreigners who contribute to the development of the digital economy, entrepreneurship or innovation. Specifically, these foreigners are those who to carry out their work do not need to have a specific geographical location and who use telecommunications and technology (Digital Nomads), and those chosen to participate in programs for foreign entrepreneurs that are promoted from the Ministry in charge of the economy (entrepreneurial visa).

Here you can access the residency application form for digital nomads provided by the Government of Andorra website.

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(*) A computer sandbox, or test environment, is an isolated virtual machine in which potentially unsafe software code can be executed without affecting network resources or local applications. – Source: