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Types of education in Andorra
Mar 20, 2024

Types of education in Andorra

Did you know that in Andorra there are several types of education?

In Andorra, Catalan is the official language, but our children can study in different languages. We have the option of the French, Spanish and Andorran public system. In addition, there are two international private schools where teaching is mainly in groin. This gives us a wide variety of options to choose the education we want for our children. These are the main aspects of public education systems.

Andorra system
- The nursery and primary education centers are in the 7 parishes, the secondary education centers are in Encamp, Ordino and Santa Coloma. It also has a high school center in Santa Coloma.
- It is a bilingual system in which studies are done in Catalan and French.

Spanish system
- The schools are located in Escaldes-Engordany, Santa Coloma, Encamp and in La Massana.
- It is a system in which Spanish is studied.
- The syllabus follows the regulations of Spanish public schools.

French system
- The main school is the *Lycée *Comte de Foix which is in Andorra la Vella but there are also other parishes such as Encamp, Sant Julià, Ordino, La Massana, Escaldis and Canillo.
- French is the language of schooling
- Follows the French public school system.

There is the possibility of pursuing a private education at the British College of Andorra and the Àgora International School Andorra.

British College of Andorra
- This private school is located in La Comella, Andorra la Vella.
- It can be taken from primary to secondary education, although they offer the opportunity to do the IB Diploma program in BCA, a rigorous and extensive study for students between 16 and 18 years old. In this school the basic language is english.

Ágora International School Andorra
- This located in the village of Aldosa - La Massana
- Although it follows the Spanish educational system, it has a much more international approach including Groin as a secondary language. In Ágora, education starts from kindergarten to national or international high school.

University of Andorra
Finally, it is important to highlight the presence of the University of Andorra in which the basic language is Catalan and offers the possibility of studying 6 types of university degrees.
In short, school education in Andorra offers a wide range of options to enroll your children in the educational system that best suits your preferences.

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